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Rubber Matting In Addition To The Role Of Insulation And Ease The Function Of Fatigue
- Nov 01, 2017 -

Rubber Matting products how to identify good and bad --- insulation pads manufacturers:

Get the sample after the observation of these points.

1. First, do not have pungent odor. For rubber products, smell is inevitable, but the smell must not be too large. This is like the beginning we talk about the smell too much impact on the use of personnel. Odor is too large insulation pads are too much added secondary adhesive the most direct performance. Insulation pads

2. Look at the stretch, good insulation pads must be flexible. Insulation pads have the function of relieving fatigue in addition to insulation. Forced to pull the insulation pads, feel full of flexibility and will not pull off, so that the insulation pads can be regarded as a good product.

3. pull a pull, fold a fold, there will be no break. Easy to break the insulation pads are a variety of raw materials added to the recovery of plastic, such insulation pads poor insulation performance, affecting personal safety.

4. is also the most important point, do pressure level test. Insulating pads are laid in electrical places, which require that the insulating pads we have purchased must meet the specified pressure rating. This can not be ignored!

1) Rubber Matting according to whether the folder medium, can be divided into pure plastic sheet and cloth, folder metal skeleton layer of rubber and other varieties;

2) Rubber Matting according to the color and surface treatment, can be divided into: black rubber sheet, green rubber sheet, red rubber sheet, white rubber sheet, yellow rubber sheet, blue rubber sheet, gray rubber sheet, cloth rubber sheet, Wide rubber sheet.

3) Insulating rubber mats According to the physical and chemical properties, can be divided into: cloth rubber sheet, cloth rubber sheet, insulated rubber sheet, oil-resistant rubber sheet, acid and alkali rubber sheet, striped non-slip rubber sheet, Round buckle non-slip rubber sheet, anti-corrosion lining.