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Rubber Products Reduce The Occurrence Of Bubble Phenomenon, Improve The Appearance Of The Product Quality
- Oct 23, 2017 -

Rubber products in vulcanization, the bubble is the rubber products vulcanization often appear quality defects, not only affect the appearance of the product quality, even affect the intrinsic quality of products. By observing and analyzing the causes of the bubbles in the vulcanization, the measures to solve the problem were formulated, which minimized the occurrence of bubble phenomenon and improved the appearance quality of the products.

In the raw material preparation process, the ingredients must be measured according to the formula accurately. In order to make the raw rubber and the mixture can be evenly mixed with each other, some materials need to be processed:

Rubber to cut gum, broken into small pieces;

Block coordination agent such as paraffin, stearic acid, rosin to crush;

If the Powder coordination Agent contains mechanical impurities or coarse grains, it needs to be screened and removed;

Liquid Additives (pine tar, coumarone) need to be heated, melted, evaporated water, filter impurities;

The agent should be dry, otherwise it is easy to caking, the old can not be dispersed evenly during the mixing process, and the bubbles will be produced during vulcanization, thus affecting the product quality;

Rubber products are made of rubber as the main raw material through a series of processing system finished products collectively.

The common characteristics of rubber products are special high elasticity, excellent wear-resisting, damping, insulation and sealing performance. Rubber industry produces rubber products of various kinds and specifications.

To adapt to a variety of different conditions of use, to obtain a variety of performance, but also to improve the performance of rubber products and reduce costs, we must add different additives in the raw rubber. Mixing is the mixing of the rubber and the mixture, placed in the rubber refining machine, through mechanical mixing action, so that the complex agent completely, evenly dispersed in the process of raw rubber. Mixing is an important process in the production of rubber products, if mixed unevenly, can not give full play to the role of rubber and coordination agents, affecting the performance of products. Mixing after the plastic material, known as mixed rubber, it is the manufacture of a variety of semi-finished products, commonly known as plastic materials, usually as a commodity for sale, the purchaser can use the rubber material directly processing molding, vulcanization made of the required rubber products. According to the different formula, the mixed rubber has a series of different grades and varieties of performance, providing a choice.

In the production process of rubber products, the use of calender or press out of the shape of a variety of different sizes, the process of the same, called forming. The molding methods are:

Calendering is suitable for making simple flake and plate-like products. It is the process of mixing rubber through the calender into a certain shape, a certain size of the film is called Calendering molding. Some rubber products (such as tires, blankets, hose, etc.) used in textile fiber materials, must be coated with a thin layer of glue (on the fiber gelatinize is also called adhesive or glue), gelatinize process is generally completed on the calender. Fiber materials need to be dried and dipped before calendering, the purpose of drying is to reduce the moisture content of fiber materials (lest water evaporation and foaming) and improve the temperature of fiber materials to ensure the quality of calendering process. The dipping glue is the necessary process before gluing, in order to improve the bonding property of fiber material and binder.

Extrusion Molding for more complex rubber products, such as tire tread, rubber hose, metal wire surface plastic coating needs to be produced by pressing out the molding method. It is to have a certain plastic mixing rubber, into the extruder hopper, in the screw extrusion, through a variety of mouth (also known as the template) for continuous modeling of a method. Before pressing out, the rubber material must preheat, make the rubber material soft, easy to extrude, thus obtains the surface smooth, the size accurate rubber product.

Molding can also be molded to create a complex shape (such as the Skin Bowl, seal ring) of rubber products, with the help of the formation of yin and yang mold, the plastic material placed in the mold heating molding。