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Rubber Sheet Cutting Carving Process By A High Degree Of Attention
- Nov 01, 2017 -

Rubber sheet in our lives is now everywhere, on some of its knowledge, here Xiaobian still to science about

The rubber sheet is a plate-like product made of rubber as the main raw material. It can be used as a protective cover for machine seat cushion, rubber sheet, Pad, cushion and so on. Unvulcanized sheet sheets can be used as semi-finished products to produce various model products, balls and toys.

Rubber sheet, refers to the rubber as the main information, can be rich in fabric or sheet metal and other enhanced information, the vulcanization and obtained with a certain thickness and a larger area of sheet products. Because of the high hardness, with ductility, color and many other characteristics, the leading rubber sheet cutting carving process by a high degree of attention. And with the laser cutting machine, laser marking machine, laser inkjet printer is widely used, rubber plate laser engraving machine was born, and "wind" the same speed quickly occupy the dominant market of engraving machine.

Different conditions are used to choose different rubber plates, different process requirements using different rubber sheet laser engraving machines. However, most of the rubber plate laser equipment are consistent with the following characteristics. First, the cutting-edge precision machinery, control technology and data transmission and other high-tech combination, is the advanced science and technology show; Second, the computer automatically manipulates the laser engraving machine, used in the field of traditional hand-made plate, thereby improving the rubber sheet Of the processing level; Finally, the equipment processing platform to increase the slope function, although the small bar code and patterns can be durable printing.

The industry has specialized, such as metal processing industry, there are steel laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine, advertising industry, there are self-adhesive laser cutting machine, the garment industry has three-axis dynamic laser marking machine, and the same, rubber The manufacturing industry also has advanced rubber plate laser engraving machine. Only after understanding and familiarity, you know how to choose the laser equipment that fit your needs.

In industrial and mining enterprises, transportation, housing construction and other industries, the use of rubber sheet is particularly wide, can be used as a closed apron, pads, doors and windows seals, flooring and so on. Then the status of rubber sheet is more and more important, and the same by the rubber plate engraving machine also has an increasingly important position.

Rubber production process discharge of waste water, both can be used to irrigate farmland, raising shrimp fish, but also as a liquid fertilizer - biological preservation experts Professor Wang Xiangqian two patents, so that troubled rubber industry more than 100 years of the problem has been solve. The experiment and industrial production of Jubao Rubber Factory in Chengxing Town, Chengmai County, Hainan Island show that the technology has achieved zero zero emissions from rubber production wastewater.

Rubber is an important industrial raw material, is also an indispensable strategic material. But more than a hundred years, the world's rubber factory commonly used ammonia fresh plastic latex, and then cured with formic acid or sulfuric acid to do dry glue, not only toxic to the human body, in the rubber production process generated a large number of pollutants, back to environmental protection Has brought great pressure, but also caused the rubber dry content decreased, the quality of decline.