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Rubber Tiles Must Be Regularly Cleaned And Maintained
- Oct 23, 2017 -

The Rubber Tiles is composed of two layers of different density material, the color surface layer uses the fine glue powder or the fine gum silk and passes through the special craft coloring, the bottom layer uses the coarse gum powder or the gum grain, the gum silk makes. The product overcomes the shortcomings of all kinds of hard ground and floor tiles, allows users to walk and activities always in a safe and comfortable physiological and psychological state, feet feel comfortable, physical and mental relaxation. The sports venues laid by this product can not only play the competitive skills better, but also minimize the harm that can be caused by jumping and equipment movement.

Rubber tiles in the use of the process of wear-resistant, black offsctdruckereien, smoke tar residue, iodine residue, not easy to renovate phenomenon. Regular cleaning and maintenance must be used to prolong service life.

Rubber tile surface is anti-static, so the rubber tile is the home and office equipped with computer room ideal choice. The careful maintenance of the rubber floor is very important because the rubber tiles are easily damaged by the strong detergent.

First, add 1 cups of plant detergent to the bucket, this allows the rubber floor to look like waxing, from time to times with a detergent or dewaxing agent to remove the surface of the wax, and then dipped in the detergent to remove the footprints on the rubber floor, gently wipe off stains, and then dry with a damp cloth. Because the solvent may soften or damage the rubber floor, so you must not be able to make rubber bricks contact synthetic detergent and so on.

In addition to these, there is a more important thing is that the use of water to wash the rubber tiles will cause a lot of problems, the excess water will make the rubber tile adhesive off. So we need to pay more attention to these aspects in daily life, so that our rubber tiles can be used longer.